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mission statement

FEAST DAY: March 8

John of God is patron saint of booksellers, printers, heart patients, hospitals, nurses, the sick and firefighters and is considered the founder of the Brothers Hospitallers. Having given up active Christian belief while a soldier, John was 40 before the depth of his sinfulness began to dawn on him. He decided to give the rest of his life to 
God's service, and headed at once for Africa, where he hoped to free captive Christians, and possibly, be martyred.

We, the people of St. John of
God Parish, strive to be a
community of
Faith, Hope, and Love.
By recognizing our baptismal
call we are committed to follow
in Faith the teaching of Jesus
Christ, by uniting our
community through

And Worship


FAITH . . .  We live and proclaim our faith individually and as a community through our love for God and for our neighbor in tangible ways and in concrete situations. 

HOPE . . . Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, we are a people of "living hope" (1Pt. 1:3), who every day putting our trust in God, and are ever ready to give an answer to anyone who ask us to explain the hope that is in us in a manner that is gentle and respectful (cf. 1Pt. 3:16).

LOVE . . . We are all children of God and we recognize His overwhelming love for us. We seek to respond to His call to remain in His Love by obeying his command: "Love one another as I love you" (cf. Jn. 15:9-12).

God's service, and headed at once for Africa, where he hoped to free captive Christians, and possibly, be martyred. 

He was soon advised that his desire for martyrdom was not spiritually well-based, and returned to Spain and the relatively prosaic activity of a religious goods store.  Yet he was......please read more by clicking here.

St. john of god,  Religious (1495-1550)

​​In 1951, the parish constructed an auditorium to serve as a temporary church with a smaller structure serving as a social hall.  Although not yet finished, Mass was celebrate in the auditorium on Christmas day.  The temporary church was dedicated on March 9, 1952.  1953 was a year of expansion for St. John of God.  The parish rectory was completed in March and a week later t there was a ground breaking for the school.  Please continue reading by clicking here.

Our history

St. John of God Parish

​In November 1950, Father Louis Buechner was appointed pastor of the newly established parish of St. John of God, Norwalk.  Father Buechner led the church through its amazing growth until his retirement in 1972.  he made his home at the Rectory of Holy Family Parish in Artesia.  Fr. Buechner began offering Sunday Masses at the Norwalk Theater on Firestone boulevard near San​ Antonio Drive. The first masses ever celebrated in Norwalk took place on December 17, 1950, with nearly 1,000 people attending.

St. John of God Church in Norwalk